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Here at JackSource, we're a team of professionals who wholesale and distribute a variety of high margin hardline household general goods. We offer products in several retail categories including small household appliances, apparel, general goods/accessories. With a large inventory catalog located in Canada and the USA, we are able to fulfill purchasing needs across categories across the continent. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, our company was first established in 2010. We started small, with a focus on sourcing quality products from vetted manufacturers and supplying them at fair prices with great margins. We understand that a truly valuable product is priced well and manufactured with great quality, so we're continually adding value SKUs to our catalog.  We're dedicated to client success by offering high margin value and unparalleled direct client support. Today, we serve an expanding client base including small and mid sized businesses across North America.

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We also specialize in liquidation/close-outs and surplus inventory for categories including household electronics, computers and gaming, and general merchandise goods.  With a diverse network of clients in several industries and markets, we're able to offer on both the buy and sell side for surplus, overstock, and liquidation inventory.  We have inventory product solutions for independent and chain retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and discount department chain stores within North America and abroad. We welcome inquiries and opportunities and look forward to connecting!


 - The JackSource Team

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